Sunday, February 14, 2010


as i sit here listening to my friends band i really start to think about other friendships and how they don't seem to mean as much as they used to.
which sucks, a lot.
i don't think people realise how much i value them sometimes. and they just shrug me off like i'm yesterdays newspaper.
sure, continue to tell me how great your life is, how much awesome fun you had on the weekend, how many people you fucked, how wasted you got, how conceited you are, how much money you make, how much better your life is that mine.
i really am starting to notice how people are and the choices they make.
to be honest i don't like it. some people are changing for the worst and it scares me. i realise that everyone changes, fuck we change every three seconds for fucks sake.
but, it scares me that i'm changing for the worst too and i can't see it.

there's nothing i can do.

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